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San Diego State University

Title IX

Reporting Options

Reporting Options

The university provides students with information regarding their options in reporting incidents of sexual violence, including the option of filing a complaint of sex discrimination (Title IX complaint).  This information is provided in the following ways:

•    New Student Orientation: Educational Video

•    Student Handbook (pages 49-50)

•    Annual Title IX Notification (sent on August 27, 2014)

•    General Catalog

•    Graduate Bulletin

•    Student Athlete Handbook

•    Title IX Booklet (distributed to various departments on campus and available online):

•    Rights and Options Letter (available online and distributed by University Police, Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Residential Education, and the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities to any student reporting an incident of sexual violence):

The Sexual Violence Task Force is currently reviewing the efficacy of the methods used to inform students how to report sexual violence and will develop recommendations for other ways to better educate students on how to report. 

When the university is notified that a student has reported an incident of sexual violence, the Title IX Coordinator or the Deputy Title IX Coordinator contacts the student directly to explain the student’s options and support resources available to them. The Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator will walk them through the different processes to ensure that the student understands their rights and options. 

Options for reporting are as follows:

•    The student has the right to pursue a university discipline charge by reporting the incident to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator.  The complaint of sex discrimination is investigated pursuant to university policies, specifically Executive Orders 1095, 1096 and/or 1097. If the complaint is against a student, the disciplinary process outlined in Executive Order 1098 will be followed. University proceedings provide a prompt, fair and impartial investigation and resolution and the investigations are conducted by officials who receive annual training. Sanctions for violations of university policy relating to Sex Discrimination and Sexual Violence, include suspension, expulsion, and termination of employment. 

•    The student also has the right to pursue criminal charges whether or not they pursue university discipline charges.  The student can contact the police directly or the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinators, Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services or Residential Education can assist the student in reporting to campus or local law enforcement.

•    The student also has the right to report the incident without pursuing charges. Counseling and other support services and resources are still available even if the student chooses not to pursue charges.  The Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator provides students with information on support services and resources when they discuss rights and options.

•    Regardless of what option a person chooses, the university will discuss interim measures and the availability of permanent accommodations including changing academic, living, transportation and working situations. The Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator will discuss the option to have a temporary “no contact” order in place. A “no contact” order applies to campus only. In some situations, the student may also be able to obtain a protective order that extends off-campus through a local court.


Important Contacts

EMERGENCY: Police, Fire & Medical: 9-1-1


SDSU Campus:
Escort Service: (619) 594-6659
Public Safety Office: (619) 594-1991
Student Health Services: (619) 594-4736
After Hours Nurse Line: (619) 594-5281
Counseling &
Psychological Services: (619) 594-5220
Women’s Resource Area
    Phone: (619) 594-7057
    E-mail: (email is preferred)


In addition to, or instead of contacting University Police, investigation of complaints of sexual assault may be reported to Dr. Lee Mintz, Director, Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities. She will guide the survivor through the available reporting options, offer support through the disciplinary process, and provide information about various treatment options that are available from the University.


Center for Community Solutions: 24 hour Hotline: (888) 385-4657
Coastal: (858) 272-5777
East County: (619) 697-7477

Women's Resource Center (North County): (760) 757-3500
Women's Legal Center of San Diego: (619) 699-5700
San Diego Police Department: (619) 531-2000
The San Diego LGBT Center: (619) 692-2077