Medical Support

There are options for victims/survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence to seek medical resources.  Listed below are the most common options sought out by survivors.

Medical Support

A Sexual assault victim/survivor has the option to have a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) (with or without filing a police report). This is referred to as a Non Investigative Report (NIR). SDSU’s Student Health Services does not conduct SAFE exams, but can assist you in a referral. Student Health Services provides FREE STI testing and Emergency Contraceptive Pills for survivors of sexual assault.

What happens in a SAFE exam?

The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) interviews the victim, collects any physical evidence of the sexual assault, and stores evidence in a secure location using a case number without victim’s name or contact information. Physical evidence will be held for a period of 18 months and then is destroyed. The NIR will not trigger an investigation; therefore, no action will be taken against the alleged party as the result of this report. If the victim changes his/her mind and wants to make an investigative report to law enforcement, the victim will sign a release allowing the SANE to release evidence to the police.

What to do before a SAFE exam?

To preserve evidence of the assault:

  • Do not wash your hands or face
  • Do not shower or bathe
  • Do not brush your teeth
  • Do not change clothes or straighten up the area where the assault took place

If you already cleaned up from the assault, you can still request a non-investigated report.

It is your right to have a friend, family member, or sexual assault advocate present with you during the rape exam. Not every doctor or nurse is specially trained to collect forensic evidence or to respond to incidents of violence. However, many individuals may feel the most comfortable seeking assistance from a doctor they know.

To learn more about requesting a SAFE exam, please contac the Center for Community Solutions, University Police or the Student Health Center Call them to learn more about the services they provide.

Student Health Services can provide the following services for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence:

  • STD Testing 
  • Emergency Contraceptive