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There are a number of individuals at SDSU who can provide you with assistance and support. The Title IX Coordinator, the Deputy Title IX Coordinators, or the university’s Survivor Advocates are all available to explain and discuss on and off-campus support resources; your right to file a criminal complaint; the University’s relevant complaint process; your right to receive assistance with that process, including the investigation process; how confidentiality is handled; and other related matters.

To file a Title IX complaint, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Deputy Coordinators for more information.

Title IX Coordinator

Gail Mendez, J.D.
Director, Center for Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination 
(619) 594-6464
[email protected]

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

For students:

Dr. Lee Mintz
Director, Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities
(619) 594-3069
[email protected]

For athletics:

Jenny Bramer
Associate Athletic Director/SWA Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
(619) 594-0394
[email protected]

Title IX Investigators

Lauren Betters, J.D.
Title IX Investigator
(619) 594-4520
[email protected]

Carinna Connelly, J.D.
Title IX Investigator
(619) 594-3163
[email protected]

Survivor Advocacy Services

(619) 594-2348 (call or text)
[email protected]