The Brave Project - Courageously creating a violence free campus

The Brave Project

The Brave Project is a comprehensive/intensive certificate training program on sexual violence. The program has trained several cohorts of students, faculty, and staff since its creation in Fall 2016.

Modules include:

Information relating to Title IX, CSU policies related to sexual misconduct, and pursing an investigation by the University.
Presenter: Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Criminal investigation of sexual assault cases, relevant penal codes, and using the criminal justice system to press charges.
Presenter: SDSU's Sexual Assault Detective

Discussion of the impact of identity on experiences with violence and explore how race, gender, sexual orientation, and other salient identities are related to sexual assault.
Presenter: Women's Resource Center

Practice using a "Trauma Informed Lens" to support survivors.
Presenter: Counseling and Psychological Services

Strategies for implementing affirmative consent and intervening to prevent sexual violence from taking place.
Presenter: Health Promotion

Creating social change and envisioning a world (and campus!) free from sexual violence.
Presenters: Women's Resource Center, Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, and Student Organizations