FratMANners and SISSTER Programs

SDSU's Greek Life community has taken the initiative to make a difference in the community one student at a time through active programming and education regarding sexual violence prevention. FratMANners and the SISSTER programs are two programs that seek to educate Greek men and women about the importance of sexual violence prevention. These programs are open for all Greek affiliated members on campus.


FratMANers is a Peer Health Education program specifically for SDSU fraternity men. Its goal is to increase awareness about rape, potential rape situations and sexually coercive behavior while decreasing the acceptance of rape myths. FratMANers members are advocates on campus, educating their brothers and peers about violence against women and how they can be a part of the solution.

FratMANers (Fraternity Men Against Negative Environments and Rape Situations) is a 3 unit course, which covers topics such as Masculinity, Gender Expectations, Sexual Violence, Consent, Healthy Relationships, Rape Culture, Survivor Resources, and Bystander Intervention. Apply Today!

Classes: Thursdays from 5-8 p.m. in Calpulli Center


SISSTER (Sororities Invested in Survivor Support, Training, and Ending Rape culture) is a Peer Health Education program. This course aims to train sorority women to be successful leaders in sexual violence awareness, prevention, intervention, and survivor support. The women who are trained in this program do sexual violence prevention and education work on campus in formal and informal settings.

The 2-unit course covers consensual relations, gender roles in identity and sexual expectations, rape culture, bystander intervention, survivor recovery, healthy emotional and sexual relationships.

Classes: Tuesdays from noon-1:40 p.m. in Calpulli Center

If you would like more information, please contact Health Promotion at [email protected]. We encourage you to apply today!